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CCTV-1 (General) has the largest number of viewers of all the television channels in China. It provides audiences with first-hand, in-depth and timely reports on all domestic and international news.
Currently, the Group has the exclusive underwriting rights with regard to the advertising time of "Night News" and "News 30' " on CCTV-1.  
"Night News" was launched in 1985 and is one of CCTV's longest-run and most influential programmes. The programme airs during evening prime time from 22:00 to 22:25 and consists of four parts, namely, "Current Affairs", "Domestic News", "World News" and "Sports News". As such, it caters to the needs of high-end viewers in large and medium-sized cities who desire swift access to daily news. With CCTV's deepening reforms, "Night News", an authoritative CCTV news programme, is striving to become China's second most dominant news programme while fully realizing CCTV's mission to emphasize on "news + infotainment". 
Established in April 1995, "News 30' " became one of CCTV's Top 10 programmes soon after its inception. Its innovative and versatile news reporting style has repeatedly won plaudits and appreciation from viewers. For years, its ratings have remained steady, peaking during the daytime. According to the latest survey conducted by CTR Market Research on the satisfaction levels provided by CCTV news programmes, "News 30' " ranked second among viewers, trailing closely behind "China Central News Daily".

CCTV-4 (Chinese International, including Europe and US) provides hard-hitting coverage on the latest events and significant news developments around the world to over 10 million households overseas. The channel's primary genres are news and culture. Based in China, it has an international outlook and excels in reporting news, commenting on current affairs and disseminating information in a timely and impartial manner. The high professional standards and authoritative nature of its news reports have won widespread recognition. Promoted under the slogan "Watch CCTV-4 to Learn about Big Issues", CCTV-4 is the natural choice for viewers at home and abroad.
The Group currently exclusively underwrites advertising resources of "Across the Strait", "Today's Focus" and "The Collection Package".

CCTV-7 (Military and Agriculture) provides information and services on the technology, information, policies and legal aspects pertaining to agriculture. Its varied programming primarily includes segments on news, science education, economic services, living services, legal services, interviews and documentaries.
With the support of national agricultural policies, the growing consumption power of rural village residents, as well as certain concessionary measures, such as allowances for rural villagers to buy electrical appliances, cars and construction materials, the agricultural consumer market in first-tier counties and townships is set to grow continuously. Therefore, CCTV-7, as the only national-level agricultural channel, is expected to gain even wider recognition among advertisers.
The Group presently holds the exclusive underwriting rights to the advertising resources of four CCTV-7 programmes, including "Zhi Fu Jing", "Daily Agricultural News", "Focus on the Three Agricultural Issues" and "The Rural World" . 

CCTV-9 is the first national documentary channel with full coverage in China, incessantly airing 24-hour on programmes of nature, geography, humanity, politics, history, etc. 5 years since its debut, CCTV-9 has won impression with brand value and doubled viewership. CCTV-9 currently keeps half of the market share among documentary channels in China and its growth momentum is highly expected. It covers 1 billion households mainly from the 1st and 2nd tier cities and the rest of the nation in China, as well as more than 62 million viewers in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

The Nationwide Public Service Advertising Broadcast Network

The Nationwide Public Service Advertising Broadcast Network provides customers a platform on which they can their brand and corporate image at a cost lower than general TV commercial advertisements. The network now covers more than 150 local TV channels and the advertising time provided on each channel covers no less than 30 seconds of evening prime time.


CNBC is owned and operated by NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience. CNBC is the recognised world leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 380 million households worldwide.
SinoMedia has reached a cooperation agreement with CNBC Asia Pacific to become the exclusive advertising sales representative on CNBC TV and online in Mainland China. 

Fox International Channels (FIC)

Fox International Channels is a unit of 21st Century FOX owned by media tycoon Murdoch. It conducts international multi-media business. It produces and distributes 300+ entertainment, sports, factual and movie channels in 45 languages worldwide, reaching over 1.725 billion households around the world. Among its brands, National Geographic Channel broadcasts in 171 countries, covering 440 million households globally.

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