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Intelligent programming advertising placement platform --- iBCP

SinoMedia iBCP is an independently developed intelligent programming advertising placement platform, building with exquisite standards of "professionalism, integrity and standardisation". SinoMedia iBCP identified intelligent, brand, communication and cloud service as the core of marketing, building an advertising ecosystem with "screen" as the main channel which provides one-stop self-serve advertising placement on TV, PC, mobile devices and interactive outdoor screen in order to achieve full integration of the traditional TV media with internet new media. Unlike the drawback of DSP (Demand-side Platform) which includes the conduct of artificial optimisation on an hourly basis as well as the placement results and strategies cannot be adjusted timely, SinoMedia iBCP conducts an upgrade on the bidding mode of the traditional RTB (Real-time Bidding) - iRTB (Intelligent Real-time Bidding), an extremely intelligent bidding model, that effectively reduces labor costs with advanced bidding algorithm, and practically solves the problems of delayed feedback in artificial optimisation of the traditional RTB. High intelligent bidding and intelligent optimisation of placement strategy are fully achieved, leading the digital advertising placement to enter the age of real intelligent placement.
Currently, iBCP has accessed numbers of quality media including Baidu, Sina, Sohu,, iQIYI,,,,, etc. The daily available advertisement traffic reached 20 billion.

A website of travel inspiration

As a leading travel destination online media in China, introduces novel travel destinations and original "way to play" project to its users with humanities and sensibilities. Presenting with pictures and videos, it aims to inspire the tourism before set off. also provides communication service to worldwide travel destinations, including media strategy, travel planning, tourist marketing, branding management and so on.

An interactive video platform that leads the healthy lifestyle is the first and only video website with vertical channels featured "life, exercise and health" in mainland China. With the motto "live a life, move it up", speaks for an active and healthy lifestyle. It currently segmented vertical channels as "Square Dance", "Talented Kids", "Cool Generation" and "keep fit", and its business model has been upgrading.

Launched in 2012, strives to be a modern agricultural information services platform which continuously ranked the top among integrated agricultural Internet media in terms of daily PV, and has been selected as the key project of issues of agriculture , farmer and rural area by Ministry of Agriculture. Focusing on modern agriculturists, wugu integrates various aspects of agricultural investment, production and marketing. It serves modern agriculturists by establishing an online and offline exchange community. It eyes on modern agriculturists by taking an approach towards specialised niche businesses, developing and delivering high value-added applicable products.

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