aged 54, has been our Executive Director since November 2006. He was appointed as our Chairman in December 2007 and is primarily responsible for the strategic development, financial planning and investment management of the Group. Mr. Chen has thirty three years of experience in the media industry, and obtained the title of senior journalist in 1999, currently he serves as the vice director of Academic Committee on Television Documentary of China Television Artists Association. From 1988 to 2004, he worked for Xinhua News Agency as a reporter on central government news at the overseas service department, a correspondent at the Australian bureau, director of central government news gathering and director of news distribution for overseas service successively. Mr. Chen received his bachelor of science degree in genetics from Fudan University in 1986, completed a master’s course in international news from Fudan University in 1988 and received an EMBA degree from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in 2006. Mr. Chen is the husband of Ms. Liu Jinlan, our Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Director.

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