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December 2015 was awarded "Shaping China 2015 Innovative Brands".
SinoMedia exclusively underwrites CCTV-9 Documentary Channel.

November 2015
Launched iBCP system which lead to the new trend of digital marketing intelligence.
Helped Wanglaoji to win the No.1 Bid of Xinwen Lianbo.

October 2015
Won the bid of the promotion project in China from Europe Travel Commission.
Established Agriculture Media Division.

July 2015
Held 2015 China Agriculture Development Forum.

April 2015 was accredited as the Advanced Unit in New Rural Construction in Beijing.
Full coverage of the live broadcasting of 2015 World Cyber Arena (WCA) by

March 2015
Roadshow of SinoMedia Brand Communication Series Forum held in five cities.

November 2014
SinoMedia showed its strengths at the China International Travel Mart 2014.

October 2014
New vision stimulates the value - SinoMedia 2015 Integrated Communication Preview held with success.

October 2014
Care for parents, tour with love - SinoMedia 5th Family Culture Activity rounded off.

September 2014 cooperated with Shiyan Municipal Bureau of Agriculture to establish an agricultural information platform.

July 2014
SinoMedia public service communications motivated public welfare.

June 2014
"2014 SinoMedia Charity Campaign - Act for Charity, Run for Love" was rounded off.

June 2014
SinoMedia launched the APP Playform, a multi-screen interactive marketing platform.

May 2014
SinoMedia presented at the 7th Central China Travel Expo 2014.

April 2014 was recommended and certified by Anquan Organisation.

April 2014 achieved three honorary awards of the industry.

March 2014
SinoMedia was once again recognised on the CCTV Top 10 Advertising Agency Awards Ceremony.

December 2013 upgraded in the new year.

November 2013
Original programme "Scent of a Man" was aired on Jiangxi Satellite TV.

November 2013
SinoMedia's contract value in the presale tender of CCTV in 2014 grew nearly 20% year-on-year.

October 2013
"Honour of Parents" event launched.

September 2013
SinoMedia was relocated to The Place - SinoMedia Tower.

August 2013 launched

August 2013
Grand opening of 2013 SinoMedia Summit Forum for VIP Customers.

July 2013
SinoMedia made voice at Cannes Advertising Festival as the only domestic TV advertising company.

June 2013
SinoMedia made donations to Hope School to discharge its corporate social responsibility.

April 2013 got a facelift.

April 2013
SinoMedia made its debut at "2013 China Domestic Tourism Trade Fair".

January 2013
SinoMedia was selected as a China's Top 10 Competitive Advertising Agency.

December 2012
SinoMedia's acquisition of Internet video website and office premises laid a solid foundation for the Group's long-term development.

November 2012
In the presale tender for 2013 CCTV primetime advertisement resources, SinoMedia's total contract value amounted to 1.81 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 28%.

October 2012
SinoMedia successfully planned and organised the Seventh China 4A Gold Seal Awards.

September 2012
SinoMedia published research report on "2012 China Mobile TV Industry Development".

September 2012
SinoMedia successfully held the VIP Customer Communication Conference for2013 CCTV presale tender.

June 2012
SinoMedia contracted to be the brand management consultant of "Chinese Agricultural Valley".

April 2012
SinoMedia launched the Advertiser Creative Communication Summit 2012.

March 2012
Invested in the operation of digital pay TV channel-Super Channel.

March 2012
SinoMedia was elected as Grade AAA Demonstration Unit for Credit Construction in China.

Feburary 2012
The agricultural new media platform, officially launched.

December 2011
The award of ceremony of China 4A Gold Seal Awards was successfully held, organised by SinoMedia.

November 2011
In the presale tender of 2012 CCTV primetime advertisement resources, SinoMedia achieved a record of RMB14.1 billion of contract value, doubling that of 2011.

September 2011
SinoMedia was named Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion by Forbes.

August 2011
SinoMedia becomes CNBC's Exclusive Advertising Sales Representative in China.

July 2011
Entering into agreements to invest in cash for the acquisition of the equity interests of two mobile TV operators, 100TV and CNLive. SinoMedia established a solid foothold in the mobile Internet media operators. 

May 2011
Entering into a strategic coorperation with the magazine "Global Brand Insight".

January 2011
Acquisition of the master advertising agency rights of MediaCorp TV channels in China.

December 2010
SinoMedia invested in

November 2010
SinoMedia acquired the remaining 40% stake in Golden Bridge Senmeng in stages.

November 2010
SinoMedia acquired additional 55% stake in Beijing Taihe Ruishi.

November 2010
SinoMedia attended CCTV Prime Time Resources Presale Tender and achieved 50% growth in value of sales contracts concluded.

November 2009
In the CCTV Prime Time Resources Presale Tender, SinoMedia achieved bid and subscription contract amount of over RMB400 million in total.

January 2009
Joint with Beijing Taihe Ruishi to build the first and only nationwide public service advertising broadcast network , creating a strong public service TV media brand.

July 2008
SinoMedia Holding Limited successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

November 2007
In the 2008 CCTV Prime Time Resources Presale Tender , SinoMedia achieved a total bid amount of up to about RMB440 million, ranked fourth among all the CCTV bidding agencies.

January 2007
Shanghai Golden Bridge Tongying Advertising Media Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to "CTV Golden Bridge International Media Co., Ltd."

December 2006
Established close strategic partnership with the world-famous equity investor Bain Capital.

November 2006
In the CCTV Prime Time Resources Presale Tender, SinoMedia achieved a total bid amount of nearly RMB200 million.

November 2005
In the CCTV Prime Time Resources Presale Tender, SinoMedia achieved a total bid amount of about RMB 170 million.

June 2005
"Shanghai Golden Bridge Tongying Advertising Media Co., Ltd."was established with an initial registered capital of US$200,000.

June 2004
Established the CTV Golden Bridge International Advertising Co., Ltd. Jilin Branch.

June 2001
Beijing CTV Golden Bridge Advertising Co., Ltd officially changed its name to "CTV Golden Bridge International Advertising Co., Ltd.", marking the change of company's business to diversify into advertising business.

January 1999
Beijing CTV Golden Bridge Advertising Co., Ltd. was established for the production of featured films and chargeable programs for CCTV.

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