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"Steady and Pragmatic, Adjusting Accordingly, Inter-screen Integration, Breakthroughs with Innovation"

SinoMedia has experienced accelerated changes in media advertising industry in 2015. Driven by new media, new technologies, new capital and new operating model, there is integration under transition concentrated in traditional media. Facing constant challenges of the descending scale of traditional advertising market, particularly the TV advertising industry, we advanced forward without uncertainty and consolidated the leading edge of the market share of our core resources. Meanwhile, we proactively expanded overseas market. With solid and innovative business, we adhered to develop internet media and completed an important investment arrangement of future growth drivers in digital marketing.

TV business has been represented the influence of SinoMedia's professionalism, services and brands. With the provision of advanced media products and marketing strategy for clients as our responsibility, we adjusted and introduced supporting resources and further extended by CCTV towards the international mainstream TV media so as to create a new communication direction for more emerging industries and collaborative clients.

The area of digital business is the strategic sector under the development with Group's efforts recently. In November 2015, the Group launched its self-developed intelligent programmatic advertisement placing platform - iBCP, which leads in the technology of the domestic market that provided full support of "technology plus branding services" for the diversified needs of communication.

No matter for the areas of TV business or digital business, the arrangement of business upgrade is the Group's transformation in facing the future development needs to adapt to the background of the age and the industry, the Group's realisation of the establishment of fast breakthrough in the area of digital marketing, the driver for the increase of the proportion of the Group's digital business group in the personnel structure and income structure, as well as the Groups source of long-term sustainability and prosperity.

From now on, SinoMedia will enhance the introduction of high-quality media resources and talents and continue to provide our client with dissolved media branding communication services on the basis of "TV + Internet + Mobile Internet" in order to further enhance the competitiveness and company value of a "leading comprehensive media corporation".

Chen Xin
Chairman of the Board

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