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SinoMedia Holding Limited (the“Company”or“SinoMedia”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the“Group”) is a leading media operation group in China which focuses on conducting cross-media investment and operation with creative video communication as its core capability, so as to meet the demands of client market for the communications of“three screens”among television, internet and mobile internet. The Group currently owns business sections including CCTV’s advertising agency business, brand content creative communication, film and television program investment and production, and internet precision marketing. It is an early pioneer in China’s city image and tourism brand creative communication field and has remained a leader in that field for many years. It is also one of the leaders in brand advertising services for industries such as finance and insurance, automobiles and consumer goods. In the past over 20 years, SinoMedia has provided comprehensive and professional creative communication services for more than 3,000 clients in total at home and abroad.

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