aged 34, was appointed as the Vice President of the Group in September 2020 and has been our Executive Director since March 2023. She is responsible for the operation management of the Group and the operation and management of content marketing and creative production sector. Ms. Liu has more than nine years of experience in the media industry, and she has developed analytical and insightful ability in the domestic and foreign media markets, built up networking resources in both domestic and international markets, and explored cooperation with established enterprises and institutions. In recent years, Ms. Liu has planned and managed a number of video projects in the form of small- and large-screen linkage as a producer or distributor. She spearheaded the Group’s strategical expansion of cross-media initiatives, including innovative businesses in the fields of IP development, content marketing, and creative marketing on media convergence. Ms. Liu obtained a bachelor’s degree in management from the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom in 2011 and a master’s degree in management from the School of National Development at Peking University in 2020. Ms. Liu is the daughter of Mr. Chen Xin, the Chairman of the Board and an Executive Director, and Ms. Liu Jinlan, the Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Director.

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